Friday, 12 September 2008

Couldn't They Find Malaysian Teams With Proper Malaysian Accents?

The first episode of The Amazing Celebrity, Hot Chicks and Assorted Token Participants Race Asia is underway, and though the race itself seems to have improved (task-wise), the teams just don't seem as fun as the last two seasons.

But I'm still a sucker for TARA. So let's talk about it a little. Here are my first impressions:


Most unexpected inclusion:
  • PAULA!!!! SHE'S SO CUTE!!!!

Teams I'm rooting for:
  • Bernie & Henry (they're the least annoying of the two Malaysian teams)
  • AD & Fuzzie (because they're probably the only team chosen because they had genuinely interesting characters)

The Paula Taylor Who-Cares-If-They-Were-Chosen-Because-They're-Hot-They-ARE-Fucking-Hot Award:
  • Natalie & Pailin (hey, I'm shallow and a sucker for hot chicks in bikinis, can you tell?)
  • Tisha & Geoff (Obviously I only care for Tisha here)

The Marc & Rovilson Award for Most Annoying Over-acting team:
  • Ida & Tania (that bit where they were jumping up and down after finishing the detour was rather painful to watch)
  • Sam & Vince (No dudes. You are DEFINITELY NOT the funny ones.)

The Teri & Henry Bickering Couple award:
  • Mai and Oliver (FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!)

The Vannessa & Pamela Award for most interesting Accents:
  • Niroo & Kapil (because they have the most Asian-sounding accents)

The remaining two teams? Sorry, they were just too generic for me to give a crap.

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