Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Boobs! Boobs! House Bunny Boobs!

House Bunny.
Not a Review.
Yes, I actually watched it.
I was desperate for something to watch, ok?
And couldn't wait until Eagle Eye tomorrow.
So I figured, 'a movie with lots of BOOBS on show'
Oh what the heck.
Besides, I needed something to blog about. :D

(Oh look, boobs)

My expectations were bloody low.
So low that you'd have to go down a bunny hole to see it.
No, not THAT kind of bunny.
An actually BUNNY, you know, a wabbit?
The kind with no BOOBS!
But hey, my brain didn't melt!
Because got BOOBS!
Lots of BOOBS!
(yes, the show was ok too)

(Oh wow, MORE boobs)

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Because got BOOBS! BOOBS! BOOBS!
Oh what, story?
Some Playboy bunny with nice BOOBS
Got kicked out of Playboy mansion.
And meet some weird college kids.
And become their house MOTHER of all things.
House mother with nice BOOBS.

(And MORE boobs! Woot!) (And yes, Katherine Mcphee's character IS pregnant)

Anyway, got BOOBS!
Lots of BOOBS!
Ok not on one girl.
Because that would be weird.
But the whole show got lots of BOOBS!
So many BOOBS that I can't give a Cleavage Rating,
Or this post would be all FULL of Cleavage Ratings!

But who cares about the story.
There's lots of BOOBS!
Oh, it's a bit funny too.
Not too bad.
Didn't cringe as much as I thought I would.
Did I mention there were lots of BOOBS on show too?

Katherine McPhee is cute,
(just ignore the fact that she's pregnant in the show)
That smart chick also cute,
(She kinda looks like Lindsay Lohan, come to think of it)
That goth chick looks familiar,
The rest... er... er... Never mind.
Distract yourself with all the BOOBS!

Not as annoying as I thought it would be also.
Got SOME bad parts
(The parts with no BOOBS on show)
But mostly watchable.
At least your brains won't melt,
Which it would if you watched Disaster Movie.
And anyway this show got more BOOBS than that one.

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