Friday, 5 September 2008

DO NOT WATCH DISASTER MOVIE (Unless you want your brain to melt)

Disaster Movie.
Not a review.
No, really, I didn't even watch it.
And not gonna bother.
And you shouldn't either.
Yes I'm talking about you, Epic Movie Bob.
Don't encourage them!
Don't give those fucktards a reason to make more.
Don't even buy the fuckin' pirated DVD!
I could feel my IQ decreasing just by looking at the POSTER.
It got a ZERO PERCENT on Rotten Tomotoes fer fucks sake!
If you go watch it you must have fungus in your head.
Even I can write better spoofs than THIS shit.

But I read this brilliant entry on Wikipedia,
Where some fella with absolutely too much time on his hands
Actually watched the entire movie,
AND wrote the entire synopsis on Wikipedia,
Complete with EVERY SINGLE THING that happened in it.
Read it, it should be a lot more entertaining than the movie itself.
It's brilliant.
It's damn sarcastic,
You can imagine his IQ going down with each second he watched,
And he was taking NOTES as well!
And he's self-depreciating too!
Halfway through he goes,
"Fuck, why do I know so much about this series???"
The hilarious thing is,
It was taken down later for being 'bias'.
Here's a screenshot of the first paragraph,
In case it goes missing again.

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