Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The Eyeris Coffee Song (The Morning Fix Remix)

The Eyeris Coffee Song (The Morning Fix Remix)

Lyrics by: Eyeris

Music: Any bloody tune you want

Early this morning, I woke up,
And yearned for some coffee in a cup.
Or a mug, a glass, thermos or even a dish,
As long as the dish doesn't smell like fish.

Coffee... I need my morning... COFFEE! (x2)

My head was aching as I boiled some water,
And wished I had a proper coffee maker.
I took out my trusty ol' French press,
And then I let out a cry of distress.

I had the beans, the press and the hot water,
But where the hell was my milk and sugar???
Without them, incomplete my coffee would be,
And so I was stuck with Nescafe, unhappily.

Coffee... I need to have... COFFEE! (x2)
Without coffee I am screwed.
Even Nescafe three-in-one will not do!

So I drove to office with a slight migraine,
Brought on by the lack of proper caffeine.
I even honked at a bloody annoying Ah Beng,
Who dared to cut into my Touch 'N Go lane.

Coffee... I need to have... COFFEE! (x2)
Without coffee I can't drive,
Without threatening a Mat Rempit's life!

At the office I picked my thermos off the floor,
And ran to the San Francisco Coffee next door
I asked the barista to fill 'er up with an extra shot,
And he handed me the coffee, piping hot.

Coffee... I finally have, COFFEE! (x2)
With this coffee I can finally function,
Without it I needed cardiopulmonary resuscitation!

I guzzled the bittersweet liquid without hesitation,
And felt the caffeine seep into my system.
My brain finally came alive, after so long,
That's when I got the idea for this stupid song.

Coffee... I finally have.. COFFEE! (x2)
If you read this far you must have been bored,
Go drink some coffee before you start to snore!

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