Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Final Victory To MPH!

By Bonaparte, a book I'd been waiting AGES for has finally turned up!

Behold, the fifth book in the Temaraire series... VICTORY OF EAGLES!

I'd actually seen this book on TWO seperate occasions already, once in a Borders in California, and the second in Borders Singapore. AND I'd already read like 100 pages of it in between the two sightings.

Ironically though, after weeks of haunting Borders at Curve and Kinokuniya, when I finally got my hands on the book, it was at... MPH Mid Valley. Good grief.

Oh well, at least it's the cover I wanted, even though its a hardcover and the rest of the books I have are paperbacks... sigh.

Yay, I have something new to read again! Now faster bring out my annual Pratchett It's gonna be Nation, a non-Discworld book this year);and that darn Martin's A Dance With Dragons!

PS: If you wanna see what I think of the Temaraire series, go read my book review HERE.

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