Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hari Puttar And The Sore Hollywood Producers

Go, go Hari Puttar!
Kick 'em snotty wizards in the nuts!

Warner Bros. Lose Case Against Hari Puttar

The case has been dismissed. The court said that Warner Bros had known the title of the film since 2005 and had delayed bringing the case to court until the last moment."

So, now that Hari Puttar is clear, here's what Bollywood should try next...
  • Atumi Fal
  • The Rat In The Mat
  • The Singhsongs
  • Chari And The Chuntney Factory
  • The Chronology of Marmiya: The Cow, The Baba, and The Kitchen Cabinet
Will add more when I think of more... hehe.

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