Monday, 22 September 2008

A Heroic Powersaw To Acquire All Week

And the TV shows just keep on coming.

House MD has already started, so has Fringe, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Bones. But there are even MORE shows coming out this week...

Tonight in the US (Which basically means we can start er.. 'acquiring' it only tomorrow), the third season of HEROES kicks off. And here are some cool cool promo images:

(For more of these images, go HERE)

And that's not all that's kicking off this week. CSI: Miami is also premiering its new season today as well, and CSI: New York, Knight Rider, Ugly Betty, My Name Is Earl and a whole lot more shows are as well ("Go HERE for the rest of the list).

Then on Sunday, comes the one I'VE been waiting for... DEXTER!!!!

Man, the acquiring machine is gonna be working overtime this couple of weeks...

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