Monday, 15 September 2008

Hold The Frontpage! I Wanna Work In The Voice Too...

After some hilarious comments about the show in the office about Front Page, I decided that I just HAD to catch the show for myself, just to see how funny it is. Besides, how often do you get to see youir own office on TV, huh?

Anyway, here are some thoughts after watching the second episode of it:
  • Wah that Jack Lee guy so the intense. I must be intense also when I do interview.

  • If I were Cheryl Samad's mentor, I wouldn't tell her to stay out of MY way. Hur hur.

  • That's not EXACTLY what MY office looks like. Just the other side of my floor. But if they HAD filmed on my side, they'd have no room for the cameras because there'd be too much junk all over the place.

  • Fooyor, cadet journalist can simply simply barge into editor's office and DEMAND to given some work. So not logic right? I mean, someone actually ASKING for more work? Where got logic?

  • Then again, if MY editor were Bernie Chan, I'd barge into her office every chance I get too. AND her home too. Hur hur.

  • Eh, I know that dude. He works in MY office too!

  • Why doesn't anyone ever run MY car off the road to get MY notes? I've interviewed Edison Chen three times, ok?

  • Damn, I'd like to work at The Voice. When I was a cadet journalist, I drove a fourth-hand, beaten-up, Ond Civic. Cheryl Samad's cadet journalist drives a fucking MERCEDES.

  • But then again, one downside to working there is their office looks EXACTLY like my current one. Heck, even some of the people working there look like some of my current colle.... oh wait.

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