Thursday, 11 September 2008

On the Fringe Of Another X-Files

While I don't really care much for shows like Lost or Alias, I do admit that it's mostly because I never had the patience to actually sit down and watch them.

So when J.J. Abrams announced he was coming up with ANOTHER new series, I thought, "Ok, I'll give this one a shot, and watch it from the beginning."

And you know what? Fringe is actually not too bad.

Sure, it does remind me a lot of The X-Files (FBI agents, supernatural/fringe science stuff, underlying major conspiracy/pattern, basement lab/office); but the way the pilot's plot twisted and turned was actually pretty compelling, in a familiar yet different kind of way.

Besides, any show that gets its hot lead actress stripped down to her underwear TWICE during its pilot episode (and the first was merely five minutes into the show, and the second gets her WET hur hur hur) definitely gets some brownie points from me (even though I still think Gillian Anderson is still hotter than Anna Torv).

Another plus point is John "Denethor, son of Ecthelion" Noble in one of the leading roles as a somewhat eccentric 'fringe scientist'. Though his son (played by Joshua Jackson) is rather annoying, doing nothing but make snide remarks at the side while his father spouts his crazy theories.

It's early days yet, but Fringe is looking really promising. At least to those of us who have been lamenting the death of The X-Files since the mid-nineties.

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