Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Once In a Lifetime, You Need to Return To Innocence.

Gregorian chants and techno beats shouldn't sound so seductive.

Gregorian's Once in a Lifetime and So Sad, as well as Enigma's Return to Innocence are perhaps the only three songs that incorporate both elements that I like (ok, Once In a Lifetime doesn't have any chanting but you get the drift); and everytime I hear these three songs I can't help but get sucked in by the haunting chants and melody.

Feeling in the mood for something a bit more er... fengtau-ish, I decided to blast these three songs on loop for the best part of three hours on Sunday (if you happen to be one of my neighbors, sorry about that!); and to me, there's really no better way to listen to the songs. And there's much fun to be had chanting/wailing along with the chorus to Return To Innocence.

Funnily enough, the first time I heard Once In a Lifetime was through a cover by a once popular Cantopop singer called Shirley Kwan, who dueted with Grashopper of all people, on a cantonese version of So Sad. Imagine that, eh?

Anyway, as far as guilty pleasures go, these songs are perhaps the strangest ones I have. I've been listening to them for YEARS now, and am still not bored of them. Say what you want about Enigma or Gregorian (their other stuff IS rather boring), but really, nothing gets me dancing better than those three songs; Tiesto be damned.

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