Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Zhou Bares Some Painted Skin, Yen Kicks Some Painted Ass.

Painted Skin.
Not a Review.
Supposed to be based on some spooky story,
About some fox spirit that eats human hearts.
But turn out the director watched too many Japan/Korea movies.
Every five minutes got somebody crying.
What kind of Donnie Yen movie is this?

Ok, it IS a Donnie Yen movie.
But not quite a Donnie Yen movie.
Donnie Yen doesn't fight so much,
And Donnie Yen is actually quite funny.
The movie itself was good when there was Donnie Yen,
But was mind-numbingly boring when there was no Donnie Yen.

Got chicks though.
That Zhou Xun quite hot.
Samore take off EVERYTHING.
But can only see back.
And even then got a strip of cloth strategically down the center.
Cover all the er.... sensitive spots.

Vicki Zhou is still cute though.
I've always liked her.
Too bad didn't get to meet her again. Sigh.
She didn't take off anything though. Damn.
That Sun Li chick also quite cute.
But here a bit tomboyish.
But still cute.

Somebody kill the two other male leads though.
One is supposed to be this awesome brave general,
But the bugger keep emo-ing only.
When he's not emo-ing, he's crying. Bah.
And the other guy is some evil chameleon spirit.
But looks like a Ah Beng who put too much dye and gel.
Annoying like hell.

Halfway through movie I really wanted to sleep.
Girls will like it more... can cry a lot.
Guys will also cry.... tears of boredom.
Samore some Singapore movie magazine give is FIVE FUCKING STARS.
And give Dark Knight four and half only.

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