Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Truly Bloody Fringe Knights

It's been TV show galore for the past few weeks, and it all came to a head last week when I was in Hong Kong and managed to er.. 'acquire' AND watch almost EVERY episode of EVERY show I wanted, thanks to the lightning-fast Internet in my hotel.

Anyway, let's not talk about the old shows (Sarah Connor is intriguing, House picks up in the second episode, Bones is funny as ever, and Heroes is giving me a headache). Let's talk about some new ones instead.

I've already talked about Fringe, and how the pilot episode shows much promise. I've since watched two more episodes of the show, and to tell the truth, it's beginning to wear me down a little.

Every episode just seems too similar to the previous one:
  1. Weird often gross shit happens in the prologue.
  2. The team is roped in, with the young guy making snarky remarks along the way.
  3. The chick goes around investigating with the young guy in tow, making snarky remarks.
  4. Massive Dynamics is always involved somehow, as is the old guy's past research (cue young guy's snarky remarks)
  5. The old guy gets some brilliant and whacked out idea, accompanied by young guy's skeptical snarky remarks.
  6. The idea works, which shuts up the young guy's snarky remarks for good. Best part of the show for me.
  7. Voila! Case closed.
Hey, at least the banter on the X-Files was interesting, ok? And Gillian Anderson is still hotter than Anna Torv. On Fringe, the only character I really like is John Noble's old scientist guy, mostly because he seems like a cross between Denethor, Yoda and Bilbo Baggins. And I hate the young guy, can you tell?

Moving on, I've watch all three episodes of True Blood so far (and have just 'acquired' the fourth), and to tell the truth, I STILL really can't decide whether I like this show or not.

On one hand, I can't stand the Southern accents the characters talk in (which as so thick at times that I thought the vampire's name was Vale for the whole of two episodes... before I found out that it was actually BILL. WTF.) On the other hand, the story of vampires and humans co-existing side-by-side thanks to the invention of a synthetic blood drink called Tru Blood, throws up a lot of possibilities for the story. It's like what would happen if Dracula was living in Louisiana and went to your bar for drinks?

Anna Paquin's telepathic Sookie IS cute though. Although no one ever explains WHY she's telepathic, and whether anyone ELSE has such powers. Which is a little weird, somehow.

Unfortunately, the main vampire, the aforementioned Bill is the typical Angel-type brooding sort who doesn't seem to do anything besides mope, sulk, bare his fangs a little, lust over Sookie and mope some more. Vampires were so much more fun on Buffy. Doesn't help that the story, especially the love affair between Sookie and Bill is more like Twilight for adults (read: more sex).

There IS a lot of sex going on in the show though, which strangely seems to be the norm these days with shows I've been watching (i.e. Californication, Dexter etc). not that I'm complaining, of course, though I keep wondering when Anna Paquin's gonna get her kit off and have some hot vampirirc sex.

Ok, moving on....

Knight Rider 2008!
What a car! (is it a Transformer?)
What cheese! (not as cheesy as the original but hey, it's not the 80's anymore ok?)
What a gratuitious naked hot chick moment! (hubba hubba)
What a stupid show! (ok it's just the first episode, but seriously, guys...)

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