Thursday, 9 October 2008

Nibbling On Nifty Nix News

I've been a bit slow on the book news front because.... well, I have to sheepishly admit that I haven't been reading all that much. Sighhh...

But no fear, let's try to correct that. Garth Nix is one of my favorite authors so far,and after reading on Lynn's blog that he is writing two more Old Kingdom books (this is REALLY old news, really, so old it should be called Olds instead of News; which goes to show how far behind I am about all things books) - Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen, which is the story of the young woman who eventually became Chlorr of the Mask; and an untitled second, which is a sequel of sorts to Abhorsen, in 2011.

That's of course, AFTER he completes the Keys To The Kingdom series with next year's Lord Sunday, of course. Can't wait to see how he wraps THAT one up.

Poking around his Amazon blog, I also saw the latest post advertising his new line of Abhorsen Bell Charms, which although look nice are er.. too girly for my liking.

All the bell charms are cast in sterling silver (.925 silver). There are three finishes which we are calling Bright (as it suggests, bright silver); Antique (a patinated effect on the silver); and Black Handle, as for evil necromancers (the handles of the bells are treated to become black). - from Nix's post.

Meh. Bracelets. PAAAASS. I'd love if he did a proper set of collectors item replicas of the bells though. Now THOSE I'd buy.

That's not all. Another bit of old news I've been meaning to blog about but always forgot is the progress of the SABRIEL movie!

Nix has some details of the film, which he is co-writing. The director will be Anand Tucker, who according to Nix is "the original director of THE GOLDEN COMPASS before he left over creative differences". I don't know about you, but any director who was smart enough to leave that shipwreck of a movie over 'creative differences' certainly gets MY thumbs up.

And what's this? Nix has also written a HELLBOY story, of all things? Hellboy + Mignola +Nix? Wow, I really need to go get Oddest Jobs now.

Ok, so that sorta wraps up the 'new' Nix news I have. Which is really good news, all the way. Unlike that bit about Eoin Colfer being signed to write another Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy book. Kill us now.

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