Friday, 31 October 2008

A Quantum of Solace, A Measure of Seriousness

Quantum of Solace.
a.k.a. The new James Bond, 007 noobs.
Not a review.
It's BOND, noobs.
You know you want to watch it.
I know I did.
Came back one day early from Singapore just to watch it.
And you noobs have to wait till next week.

There's the car.
There's the girls (for the guys)
There's Daniel Craig topless (for the girls)
But no Olga topless. DAMMIT.
Still not much in terms of gadgets,
But that is one hell of a theme song
(until the bridge, that is).

Damn that is one fine car chase.
And rooftop chase.
And boat chase.
And plane chase.
All also got.
Now all we need is a bicycle chase.
Cycle cycle cycle.... BANG BANG BANG!

But hor... what's with the bad guy?
Oklar he looks damn oily and snarky,
But then hor...
Like, WTF is that?
AIEEE! hack hack hack.
AIEEEE AIEEE!!!! punch punch punch.

Also hor... damn intense lor.
Damn serious lor.
Even more serious than Casino Royale.
Not a single wisecrack.
Got a few jokes, but very subtle.
What, they gave Bond a sense of humanity,
But took away his sense of humour?
And dude.. STATIONARY?

And oooo, Olga.
I'm liking her more and more.
Cleavage rating, 7.5/10.
But it's the first movie I've seen,
Where she doesn't take her top off.
And what was Gemma there for?
Oh, that Goldfinger tribute.
I geddit. Teehee.

I liked Casino Royale more though.
It was more.... fun.
Less serious.
Chicks were hotter.
But at least the action here is AWESOME.
But I'm still upset.
Because Olga didn't take her top off.

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