Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Rise of the Vampire Lovers. Ahk Ahk Ahk.

Vampires seem to be the rage now. Especially with kids. All of a sudden, it's cool to have pasty white skin, to suck blood, and not to kill mosquitoes. Blast those damn Twilight books. Blast you, Stephanie Meyer.

I toyed with the idea of getting the first book of the series at the MPH warehouse sale last week, but in the end figured that I would much rather spend that RM23 on TWO graphic novels instead. At least I won't have to put up with teenage angst AND vampire vegetarianism in one book. Which is ironic, because the graphic novel I bought in place of it had a fish guy, a pyrokinetic, a homunculus, a gasseous organism, zombies AND a plague of frogs to go with it.

But then again, vampires have always been cool. I guess. Heck, even Tom Cruise was one, though that movie was god-awfully boring. But then, I've never had an affinity for vampires. Dracula? Too tacky. Blade? Too Wesley. Maybe I hate mosquitoes too much. Or maybe I like vampire SLAYERS so much more than vampires that I keep wishing that Buffy would turn up and kill those bloodsucking pests once and for all before they emo everyone to death.

My favorite vampires have always been the kind that didn't brood very much, and just got on with business. To tell the truth, my favorite 'vampire' EVER - Count Von Count, doesn't even suck blood. He'd COUNT all those drops of blood, but I doubt he'd even so much a LICK 'em. "VARN drop of blood! TVO drops of blood! ARH ARH ARH ARH!"

I DO like the vampires in Discworld, as well as that comic where Batman turns into a vampire as well, but seriously, I could do with less blood-suckers in MY life, thank you very much.

As for vampire romance, as far as I'm concerned, the only vampire-on-chick action I've been REALLY interested in is that one in True Blood. You know, the one where Ann Paquin finally gets nekkid in. What, you mean you didn't know? Go watch the damn show already, damn it, or I'll put a wooden stake through you.

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