Monday, 6 October 2008

A Smattering Of Random, A Tapping of Jazzy Feet

Wow, has it been almost a week since I updated? That's practically a record, of sorts. But then again, why bother updating when no one's gonna be balik kampunging and not gonna be online to read the blog anyway?

Anyway, I've been happily doing nothing for the past week (well, MOSTLY nothing, I did some work as well ok? If you count watching a Diana Krall concert as 'work'. hehehe); and watched a lot of acquired TV shows, of which I shall recap now:
  • Bones is fun as ever and I like Tamara Taylor more and more with each episode
  • Californication is stil as whacked out as ever
  • CSI New York and Miami are more of the same
  • Fringe is less appealing to me after the third episode.
  • Heroes IS getting more and more intriguing
  • House is quite fun with that PI guy around
  • Knight Rider is so-so but has lots of gratuitious bikini scenes
  • Life's first episode was a blast. I love this show.
  • Sarah Connor Chronicles is getting into the 'character development' stage, which is fine with me since there's more of Cameron to look at.
  • True Blood is a little slow, which explains why I haven't watched the fourth episode yet despite having it for more a week already.
I think I need to get out more. Between watching TV and playing poker/badminton, I don't seem to have much of a life these days. Besides the Life I watch on TV, that is. Also doesn't help that SOMEBODY went drinking Paulaner and Kilkenny without inviting me. Hmph.

Oh, I might as well mention the Diana Krall concert also lah. A friend of mine actually commented that the world turned surreal yesterday because I actually went for a JAZZ concert. Hey I listen to SOME jazz too ok? And besides, the tickets (or rather, TICKET, since we only got ONE each, hmph) were er... free, AND I had to interiview her anyway... (She's nice. And Elvis says hi).

Anyway, the concert was pretty good. Her version of A Case of You IS good, but then again, nothing beats Joni, IMHO.

So... what's coming up eh? Camera Obscura later this month in Singapore, for one, then there's STARS in January. And I'm hoping to score some Beyond-minus-Wong-Brothers tickets in Genting. But not holding my breath though. sigh.

Oh well, back to work.

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