Friday, 28 November 2008

4 is T4he Ne4w F4uck

4O4nl44y4 4on4 44this4 bl4og will you have a post like this. Where I take 4a4d44vantage4,4 or di4s4a44dvanta44g4e of 4t4h4e fu4ck44e4d 44up4 44k4e4y44bo4a4rd I have here and 4decided to 4talk crap about just about a44444444nything, just to see how far I can get and whether anyone can decipher what the post is all about.
44the damn thing ha44s been driving me crazy all day, and it's no joke when you actually have to work. oh look, it's bac4k to normal agai444n. oh there's another 4 there. damn. How the hell am i supposed to4 work this way? See, it's back to normal again. WTF. I got work to 444444do444 $44d4o4 44d4a4mn 4it and4 a4l4l these fours are4 driving m4e nuts4.44444444
4444444if 44i l4eave the4 win4do4w 4o4pen4 it 4will just keep 4t4yping fours 44un444ti4l kingdo4m 4c4om4es, like this: 444444444444444444444444444444444444444. see? i wasn't even pressing the keyboard then. oh look it's ba4ck to oh damn. fuck fu44ck 4fuc4k st4upid keyboard GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!444444444444

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