Monday, 24 November 2008

Bolt Ain't Pixar, But It's Pretty Damn Close.

Not a Review
Pretty damn good, for a non-Pixar movie.
Though John Lasseter IS the executive producer...
It's WAY better than Madagahgah 2.
And arguably as good as Kungfu Panda.
I liked it more than the panda, actually.
But no, it is NOT better than WALL-E.

Dog lovers will love it.
Bolt is damn cute.
Like, you just wanna pick him up and hug him kinda cute.
And none of that Madagascar walking on two feet nonsense.
He's a DOG, and he acts like one.
Ok, so he's a SUPERDOG that's not a Superdog,
But you get the point.

There's also a cat,
Some bloody great pigeons,
And a bloody hamster.
Yes, a HAMSTER. In a BALL.
Don't ask.
And the question I kept asking myself was...
How the HELL does the hamster keep up with everyone???

Story-wise... oklor.
A lot more emphasis on story,
Less on stupid slapstick set-pieces.
A lot more AWWWWW...
And a lot less WTF IS THIS SHIT?
Much better than any Disney cartoon in the past... FIVE years.
And I'm talking NON-Pixar ok?

There's a bit of Toy Story,
A bit of Homeward Bound,
Even a bit of The Truman Show.
But most of all, a lot of heart.
Yup, the Pixar connection seems to be paying off,
(More than just that 'This is how you blew Nemo!' line)
For Disney that is.
Now, bring on UP!

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