Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Escape From MadagascarGAHGAHGAH

Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa.
Not a review.
Thank god I didn't pay to watch this.
Or I'd have been cussing like fuck.
Ok it's not THAT bad.
In fact, it's better than the first.
(which isn't saying much, really).
It's fun too... kinda.
It's just... not Pixar. haha.

The timing of this movie was just bad.
No not the movie itself. I mean for me.
Imagine... I just watched Pixar movies ALL DAY 2 days ago,
And you seriously expect me to believe that this....
... This... MADAGAGAGA movie would be better?
RIIIIGHT. Fat chance.

I hated the first one,
So I didn't have high hopes for this in the first place.
At least there was more of the penguins (which is WIN all the way)
More King Julien (whether this is good or bad is up to you)
And even the monkeys were bearable.

But GODDAMN do I hate the main cast.
The giraffe? Ross was always the Friend I hated most, so there.
The hippo? Eh? Can you get more 'token black woman' than that?
The lion? Boring boring boring. And annoying.
The zebra? What's more annoying than Chris Rock?
A LOT of Chris Rocks. GAH.

And for a kiddy movie, this is damn violent lor.
Ok fine, Tom and Jerry is even worse.
And so are the Warner Brothers stuff.
But still... thank god kids can't drive cars,
Or they'd think running over old ladies with jeeps is funny.
And that penguins can survive in Africa.
And that giraffes can mate with hippos.

Like I said, lucky I didn't pay to watch this.
Oh bring your kids, they'll have a blast.
But it's a watch-then-forget immediately kinda film.
Funny in parts, tries too hard most of the time.
And nowhere NEAR as good as repeat watches as Pixar movies.
I think I'll watch Ratatouille when I get home...
Just to cleanse my mind of MadaGAHGAHGAH completely.

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