Monday, 3 November 2008

The Eyeris All-Day-Long Pixar-Pizza Movie Marathon

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It started out as a Facebook status about wanting to have a Pixar marathon. Actually, I only wanted to watch the two Toy Stories, and Finding Nemo only. Then I had people asking me if they could come and watch the other movies too. Then Elfie suggested that we have pizza as well.

And thus, Eyeris' Pixar-Pizza Marathon was born.

But then hor, when I sent out the invites I wasn't expecting many people to turn up. Especially since there are NINE movies altogether, and if we REALLY watched every single one, it would come up to a whopping 17 hours altogether. I didn't think anyone would be as crazy as I was, and that I would be the only one watching.

But guess what? I wasn't the only one! Yay!

Sure, I had to watch Cars at 10am all by myself, and the first guest came around 12pm, But from then on, it was great. I had four others people sitting through Finding Nemo, then around 8 for the two back-to-back Toy Stories, and by the time we ran A Bug's Life, I think there were on and off 10-12 people at any given time, watching the movies.

Around 7pm we played The Incredibles, and The Fabulous Suan came around with food (not pizza, but hey, at least it was from PIZZA Uno), and by the time we played Monster's Inc. at around 9pm plus, we had around 15 or so people in the house (though half of them were here to play poker more than to watch the movies. oh well. haha)

Was supposed to play Ratatouille at dinner time, but I couldn't get the DVD in time, and so that was the only one we had to skip. SIGGHHH. And even WALL-E was almost scrapped because the damn Uncle Ho DVD wouldn't play on my DVD player. In the end we had to borrow a laptop to watch it on, hooked up to the stereo. But at least we got to watch it. :P

Final result?
  • Starting from 10am sharp on Sunday...
  • ...we watched 8 out of the 9 Pixar movies, including an entire disc of Pixar shorts...
  • ...for a total of aprox. 14 hours 30 minutes altogether....
  • all the way until 12:30am on Monday morning.
Now THAT is one crazy movie marathon. Haha.

To tell the truth, even I was having doubt on whether I could last the day, especially since I'd been out all night on Saturday at the Nuffnang Halloween Kiddy Party (if you didn't see us, we basically stayed upstairs in the adult section, drinking beer); which we left early to go for the Heineken Green Room thingy with Lapsap and Van She (Van She was great, my neck is still aching after all that headbanging, even today); and then watching football until 4am (bloody Spurs).

But thanks to everyone who came and helped me get through it. I wouldn't have lasted those 14 hours without you guys around. haha. Big shout out especially those who came with food, drinks, or just basically stuck around for hours on end, staring at the screen, and accompanying me on this crazy 'project'. Haha. To those who couldn't make it or I forgot to invite, maybe next time, ok?

Now, anyone have any ideas for the NEXT Eyeris All-Day movie marathon?

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