Tuesday, 11 November 2008

MUSICLARITY: Jiwang Tuesday #1 (The One With Budi Weather)

Welcome to the first ever installment of Eyeris' Jiwang Tuesday!

I got the idea for posting old Malay songs that I really like after spending the entire day going through my playlists and listening to songs by Ella, Search, Wings, Iklim and so on. It eventually got on my nerves and I had to cleanse the jiwang-ness by listening to some happy Ting Tings, but not before I got the idea for Jiwang Tuesdays.

(To those who don't know what 'jiwang' means, think of it as emo music + 80's hair rock, all sung, or rather, screeched in Malay. haha)

I personally feel that Jiwang Mat Rock music should be named an all new music genre in its own right. Come on, what other kind of music can you get a combination of cheesy 80's rock, screeching vocals, and emo songs all in one? The best jiwang bands, like Search or Wings, can screech their lirik-lirik to high heavens, and still sound more emo than Fall Down Boy, Panic at the Ptuisco, Onenaberepublic and Simple Pain all rolled into one.

And admit it, you may find these songs cheesy, but they are still as nostalgic as hell, right?

Anyway, I'm not going to limit this series to just jiwang rock music though, but any Malay songs I like that I can get my hands on. So if you have any Malay songs on mp3 that you may have that you feel I should feature, by all means please email them to me. I'm especially looking for those by Spring, Fotograf, Ella, Slam and Wings, so if you have them, please send them, kthxba

But I draw the line at Mawi. Even Jiwang Tuesdays must have standards, ok.

At first I considered starting off this series with Search's Isabella, because really, you can't get more jiwang than that bloody song. But decided to leave it for later because I really really can't stand that song. Haha.

Instead, the first Jiwang Tuesday post will feature a song that I consider one of my favorite Malay songs EVER - Iklim's Budi.

Most people have heard of Iklim through that Suci Dalam Debu song (which is also damn bloody jiwang), but for me, Budi is probably their most jiwang song EVER. It's damn bloody hard to sing unless you scream your lungs out, but isn't that the mark of all classic jiwang songs? And I have to say, the tune, the lirik-lirik, and the melody of the song is just great, especially the bloody chorus, which I can never get enough of.

If I have a complaint about this song, it's that it's too bloody short, what with the second repeated chorus fading out after like, two lines. WTF. The fella who decided to do the fade deserves to be shot for cutting the song so short. But what the hell. It's still one heck of a jiwang song.

Acquisition: Iklim - Budi

DISCLAIMER: All the mp3s available here are for sampling purposes only. So don't be an irresponsible pirate - if you really like the songs, be sure to buy the album also, ok? BTW, if you have a problem with the mp3s I've listed on the blog and want me to take them down, please email me at eyeriz@gmail.com, and I'll remove it at once.

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