Tuesday, 18 November 2008

MUSICLARITY: Jiwang Tuesday #2 (The One With Ella In a Pesta)

For this second edition of Jiwang Tuesday, we revisit the heydey of Malaysia's very own Queen of Rock, who I will always remember for screaming "Are you enjoy??" during her shows.

But whatever. I reckon Ella's most popular and recognizable songs has to be Sembilu, and the song I'm posting here, Layar Impian. Not that I've heard that many of her songs, that is, so if you think she has better songs that need knowing about, feel free to send them to me.

I'll probably post more of her songs down the road, but for now, I wanna talk about Layar Impian.

I always thought it it meant 'Dreams Sail', but come to think of it, and after scrutinizing the lirik-lirik for a bit, I realized the 'layar' probably means 'film' more than 'sail'. Which would mean 'Layar Impian' is a 'Film of Dreams'. Or does 'Impian' mean 'Wish'? Oh whatever. There's a reason why I don't write in Malay.

Anyway, Layar Impian was one of my favorite Malay songs ever, purely because it IS a great song. The melody is catchy and coupled with lirik-lirik like "bisa ku zahirkan jadi lukisan yang menarik' which just roll off your tongue when you sing 'em, makes this a very good jiwang song to sing.

So yeah, here is Ella's Layar Impian for your acquisition pleasure. So... are you enjoys?

Acquisition: Ella - Layar Impian

DISCLAIMER: All the mp3s available here are for sampling purposes only. So don't be an irresponsible pirate - if you really like the songs, be sure to buy the album also, ok? BTW, if you have a problem with the mp3s I've listed on the blog and want me to take them down, please email me at eyeriz@gmail.com, and I'll remove it at once.

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