Wednesday, 5 November 2008

MUSICLARITY: Scream and March Along With Hari Hijau

Note: I'd prepared two music posts for the US Presidential elections - the America, Fuck Yeah one for Obama winning; and in case McCain won, I was going to post American Idiot up here.

But then, he didn't, so I changed the post to a Green Day-centric one instead.... haha.


I've always liked Hari Hijau. They are cool. Their songs are awesome. Their songs are one of the best ones to scream aloud in the car, and are always on the top of my Pissed-Off Playlist.

So what if people called them sell-outs when they hit the big time with Dookie? So what if their subsequent albums weren't exactly very good (just merely decent?) And so what if most people (kids, mostly) would only recognize them by Billie Joe's mascara and American Idiot?

Green Day are awesome. So awesome that they didn't even have to release an album this year, just a side-project called the Foxboro Hot Tubs. Which is actually pretty decent too (the new Green Day will be released next year, apparently).

My personal favorite Hari Hijau song was too close to call, what with me loving almost every single track on American Idiot (those 9 minute suites are BRILLIANT); having nostalgic feelings for Dookie, and also liking the attitude in certain songs on Nimrod and Warning. And of course, who DOESN'T love Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)?

Nah. My favorite Green Day song, after much deliberation... is Macy's Day Parade. For the oh-so-catchy verses and chorus, the jangly guitars, the marching band beat; and just for that one, brilliant, brilliant line - "Economy-sized dreams of hope".

Because that kinda sums up what all of us need right now, doesn't it?

Acquisitions: Green Day - Macy's Day Parade (from Warning)

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