Thursday, 6 November 2008

RIP: Michael Crichton, Dinosaur Park-writer & Clooney Star-maker

Michael Crichton

However hard I thought, I really don't have a single thing to say about Michael Crichton's books other than The Lost World was a pretty good read, and that I've never really known the correct way to say his name (it's apparently pronounced 'kari-ton', not 'kreech-ton').

But his death DID come as a bit of a shock when I came across it nestled amongst the overwhelming pile of Obama-related headlines on CNN.

Really, I can't say Michael Crichton was my favorite author. In fact, he is one author whose books I hated even more than Tom Clancy or Dan Brown's. To tell the truth, Crichton's so-called 'memoirs' Travels holds the distinction of being the book I HATE the most EVER. And let's not even go into his 'opinions' about global warming and so on.

But like it or not, he DID contribute a fair bit to pop culture, thanks to Jurassic Park, The Lost World and ER. And The Lost World IS a pretty darn good read.

So rest in peace, Michael Crichton, Clooney Star-maker, Dinosaur Park-Maker, Global Unwarmer. May George remember you for making him a star.

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