Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dexter is Awesome, Chuck is Great, and The Heroes Suck.

Following up on my comment on Shaolin Tiger's post on the TV shows he's watching, I figured I might as well do a post of my own about the shows I'm watching right now.

You see, I'm watching so many shows right now it's not even funny anymore, and I haven't even included the three CSIs in the list below....

Anyway, here's a recap of what I think about the current TV season so far...

Must Watch:
  • Dexter (Season 3) - This, IMHO, is currently THE BEST show currently on air . Go bloody watch it already.
  • Life (Season 2) - How much more do I have to gush about this show to convince you to go watch it???
  • Chuck (Season 2) -I don't care how flippant or frivolous it is, this is bloody entertaining. And that theme song is probably the most catchy among ALL the new shows currently.
  • The Mentalist (Season 1) - I thought the first episode was a bit disappointing, but after that it gets better and better.
  • True Blood (Season 1) - I can't watch too many episodes at one go because I can't stand too many hours of all those Southern accents, but this IS good shit.

Great but not MUST Watch
  • House MD (Season 5) - It's HOUSE. EVERYONE loves House. This season is a bit more formulaic than the previous one, but Hugh Laurie still makes this a damn good watch.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season 2) - I don't care what everyone else says, I still love this show. It's losing some steam right now, probably because the ideas are running out, but I'll still watch it to the very end...
  • Mad Men (Season 2) - This is a bloody good show (it's created by the creator of The Sopranos after all), but too much of the sexism and old-fashion-ness of the 60's can get on my nerves sometimes.
  • Californication (Season 2) - Most warped, funny and sex-filled half hour you'll get on TV right now.

Not Essential But Fun to Watch
  • Bones (Season 4) - I'll admit it, some of the cast IS getting on my nerves, but then I see Tamara Taylor and I then I start to melt again... sigh... hehe.
  • My Own Worst Enemy (Season 1) - Christian Slater as an assassin with a dual personality is great to watch. Don't know how long they can keep finding new things for him to get into, but it's been a great ride so far.
  • Pushing Daisies (Season 2) - Watch only if you can stand its saccharine sweetness throughout the entire show. It's a little weird and illogical, but it's damn bloody entertaining.

Promising But Slightly Ultimately Disappointing
  • Fringe (Season 1) - Like a commentor of ST's blog said, it's X-Files Lite. Some aspects of it is promising (like the Observer guy), and John Noble is brilliant; but it tries too hard to be taken seriously sometimes, and that snarky young guy is just annoying.
  • Heroes (Season 3) - Going up and down faster than a yo-yo on speed, this season has been brilliant at some points, and godawful at others. And someone bloody kill Mohinder already.

Watch At Your Own Risk
  • Knight Rider (Season 1) - I can't decide whether its the lousy acting, the deliberate cheesienest or the lousy stories that makes this so bad. Even KITT the car isn't that great.

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