Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Be Calm and Cool Like Ip Man, And KICK SOME ASS While You're At It

Ip Man

Not a Review.
No, no, no, it's not I-P Man
It's about this Wing Chun sifu,
Not some stupid superhero called Internet Protocol Man
Who flies around fighting cybercrime.

Ok I'm not saying that because I actually spoke to Donnie Yen,
Who is also AWESOME BTW.
I'm saying that because it IS AWESOME.
Haven't seen a kungfu movie I REALLY liked in ages.
The last one I saw was Fearless,
And I thought it was pretty forgettable.
But the fighting here was damn good.
Kinda makes you wanna learn Wing Chun as well.

Ip Man is not flawless,
But at least I didn't cringe as much as I usually do,
And I actually LIKED the main character,
Not because he can kick ass,
But because he can kick ass AND look damn cool doing it.
I mean cool not just because he can kick ass,
But the WAY he does it.

Jet Li as Fok Yin Kap may have kicked ass in Fearless,
But Donnie Yen as Ip Man does it with such little effort,
He;s practically INVINCIBLE for gawds sake.
AND he does it with such a beatifying smile,
The if you were his opponent,
You be smiling back at him,
Even though your legs, arms and neck have all been broken.

The fight scenes are damn cool as well,
Got quite a few one on ones,
One where he uses a fucking LOOONG pole,
And one where he uses a fucking FEATHER DUSTER,
To beat the crap out of the bad guy using a fucking SWORD.
And if you think the one on ones are great,
Wait till you see him take on TEN karate-ing Japs.

The chick is quite cute too.
Though she puts on WAAAY too much makeup in real life.
The whole movie also flows along pretty well.
Lots of fighting in between,
And not THAT much emo-ing too.
Got drama drama a bit,
But at least it doesn't bore you.

This is the first time I came out of a kungfu movie,
Feeling so calm, collected, full of zen,
Wanting to be like water,
AND wanting to kick some ass at the same time.
Donnie Yen ROCKS,
Now bring on Ip Man 2,
And BRUCE LEE along with it!

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