Tuesday, 9 December 2008

MUSICLARITY: Jiwang Tuesday #4 (The One With Fiona Yang Takde Handfon)

Sometime in the early 90s, the Malay music industry suddenly decided that the jiwang Mat Rock image was so er... late 80s; and decided to embrace the er... MC Hammer 'hip-hop' era by cooking up a couple of groups that comprised of teenage kids wearing baggy pants, primary-colored sweatsuits, baseball caps and oversized medallions around their necks.

One of the most popular ones of them all were these bunch of kids called 4U2C, which, corny name aside, could not sing nor harmonise for nuts. Why they chose these particular seven kids to be in one group, I don't know, but it sure as hell wasn't because they could sing well together.

Anyway, their biggest and arguably only cross-culture hit was this song called Fiona, which featured a pretty damn good melody, and song rather jiwang lirik-lirik too. Unfortunately, while the tune itself has aged pretty well, the same can't be said for the lirik-lirik, and the godawful intro, which featured 'conversations' between the guys, which were pretty damn corny.

One part of it, which had the guy calling up Fiona at home and discovering that, instead of staying home to belajar like she told him earlier, she had gone out gallivanting with some other dude; sounds really stupid in this day and age of mobile phones and SMSes.

But heck, this is actually a pretty good jiwang song... just try to ignore the godawful vocals, non-existent harmonising... and stop chortling during the corny intro.

PS: The mp3 below is a bit fucked-up in some parts. I got this particular file like... way before Napster even existed, and it's been around since then. I haven't bothered redownloading the song, so you'll have to bear with it, ok? haha.

4U2C - Fiona

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