Tuesday, 16 December 2008

MUSICLARITY: Jiwang Tuesday #5 (The One With Suanie Yang Usang)

This week's Jiwang Tuesday song comes courtesy of The Fabulous Suanie, who sent it to me one day via MSN, saying, "One of the best jiwang songs ever." and not a word more about why she thinks so.

I never really listened to Rahim Maarof's songs in the past, except maybe one - Istana Menanti; but I kinda like this one as well. But it's a bit too er... ordinary for me. I kinda prefer jiwang songs that have a bit more er... kick to them.

This one sounds a bit like May's Meniti Suratan, the verses I mean. And when the chorus kicks in, I keep expecting him to start singing the Meniti Suratan chorus. I'll post that May song next time, but for now, at least Usang IS a pretty jiwang song, so here ya go. :D

And BTW, if you guys have any jiwang songs you want to share with the rest of us, feel free to email them to me and I'll post them up. :D

Acquisition: Rahim Maarof - Usang

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