Monday, 22 December 2008

MUSICLARITY: A Return To The Lord Of The Rings With a Symphony

Eyeris and orchestra usually doesn't mix. Unless the orchestra is playing some emo rock music which I doubt will sound very emo once the trombones and tubas hit. But last week, I actually went for a performance by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, and I LOVED it.


Yup, I went for the MPO's performance of the Lord Of The Rings Symphony last Saturday, and it was AWESOME. Hey I actually bought a suit especially for the show ok? Ok, maybe now ESPECIALLY for the show, but it was a good excuse to get a suit anyway. LOL.

Now, I'm a HUGE fan of the movies (AND the books, of course) and I've listened to the entire soundtrack so many times that I could practically tell you which scene it was played in and who was doing what or saying what when that particular strain of music was playing. So if you're not really familiar with the movies or the music, you might get a little bit lost in the following paragraphs. LOL.

Anyway, that was what I was doing at the MPO the other day... imagining scenes from the movie as the music floated around me... and as Alan Howe's conceptual drawings were shown on the screen above the orchestra.

My personal favorite moments was when they started off with the oh-so-familiar Concerning Hobbits, I tell you, that theme jsut gets a tear in my eye everytime I hear it. And of course, the grandeur of The Bridge Of Khazad-Dum (that last bit after Gandalf fell, and the fellowship was outside crying was heartbreaking. The kid soloist who sang that bit was excellent), and The Ring Goes South, with the Fellowship theme so prominent in both... it really WAS like watching the movie all over again.

And oh course, the ROHAN theme... that's like my FAVORITE of all the themes, and I was absolutely THRILLED to hear Forth Eorlingas (the Rohan theme is never more grand than in this piece, plus when soloist Ann De Renais sang that bit where Gandalf and the Rohirrim were riding down the hilll it was just magical.) being played, AND followed by Isengard Unleashed, which had that little bit where the Ents were marching towards Orthanc...

My only disappointment was that they played the Steward of Gondor piece, but at the very very end, where it should have led into Minas Tirith (which is the part where Gandalf and Pippin are riding up the city)... they just went into Cirith Ungol instead. It was like being teased and teased with the Gondor theme... and then not getting the payoff in the soaring Minas Tirith piece.

But heck, when Ann De Renais sang Into The West in the end, all was forgiven... Now I wanna watch the movies AND read the books again. Sigh...

OST Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King - Minas Tirith

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