Tuesday, 9 December 2008

New Books, Cheap Books and Some Charitable Causes

Here's a random book + charity post that initially served no purpose other than to show off that I've gotten the latest Sergei Lukyanenko book, but eventually expanded to become an announcement post instead for various charity stuff I got from my friends. :D

Anyway... look what I got at Kinokuniya yesterday!

It's got a blue tag on it for now, which means there's 20% off with another purchase!

And Kino's also got some Xmas promotion thingy that I wasn't too sure is about. Anyone care to enlighten me?


Speaking of Xmas book promotions, I got this in my mailbox as well:

Cheap books AND charity at the same time. What other reasons do you need to visit the place already?


And since we're talking about charity, here's another, non-book related but a bit more er.. exercise-oriented. It's a walkathon for UNICEF, and it's happening this Sunday at Hartamas Shoppping Center...

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