Monday, 29 December 2008

The Spirit Is The New Silly City

The Spirit
Not a Review
A little too late for Shadowfox.
Who had to flame me twice before I got around to this.
Review also kena complain.
Tak review also kena complain.
(But go check out the second post)
(Got awesome videos of Transformers making out LOL)

Anyway.... Don't waste your money on this.
This is the sort of film you watch on DVD.
Because then you wouldn't be cursing non-reviewers like me
That you wasted RM11 on this stupid movie.
And at least if you're watching DVD,
You can skip the part where it gets really silly.

Because it IS silly.
Remember that stupid Dick Tracy movie,
With Warren Beatty and Madonna?
Imagine that... made in Sin City style.
Damn stupid silly kooky funny.
Some parts quite funny lar.
But most parts quite awful.

OK, the chicks were hot though
Bloody Scarlett and Eva's cleavage ratings were off the charts.
That Ellen chick look damn aunty though.
And that Plaster of Paris was damn funny.
But what IS with The Spirit and women?
All those women and not a single topless one WTF.

Imagine a Frank Miller comic,
Done as a movie.
All the Sin City narration,
The lead character talking to himself,
The hot chicks, the stupid villains...
It's enough to make you wonder...
If the damn comics were any good in the first place. haha.

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