Wednesday, 7 January 2009

All About Women.... Three Very Hot Women, to be exact.

All About Women
Not a Review.
It's a chick flick, Hong Kong romantic comedy...
Ok, I don't usually watch this kind of movie.
But it's Tsui Hark.
And it's got three hot chicks.
The ice queen Perhaps Love Zhou Xun.
The sunny smile Secret chick Kuai Lun Mei.
The 'didn't do anything in CJ7' chick Kitty Zhang.

Zhou Xun. 周迅.
So hot in Perhaps Love.
So Icy in Painted Skin.
And so... er.. strange here.
Big dorky glasses,
Strange bowl haircut.
But in the end when she has long hair,
And is not wearing glasses...
She's fucking hot k?

Kwai Lun-Mei. 桂纶镁.
So adorable in Secret.
So... ditzy here.
So charmingly ditzy and kooky.
And she plays electric guitar,
And sings punk rock.
That's a definite TEN in MY book. :P
And of course, I've met her in real life,
And she really IS that sweet. :P

Kitty Zhang. 張雨綺.
So useless in CJ7.
So aloof in real life.
And so Prada-wearing Devil in this one.
She's hot, no doubt about it.
But not THAT hot,
That men will fall all over the place for her.
But she IS hot, no doubt.
In the show, AND in real life. :P

Oh what, the movie?
It's ok.
Too long though. Almost two hours.
Some slapstick,
The usual romantic comedy schtick.
Misunderstandings, weird situations etc.
And all's well ends well.
Bla bla bla.

Sorry, can't really tell you more.
Was too distracted by the three women. Hur hur.
And oh, all about women my foot lar.
After watching this movie,
I can safely say that,
I STILL have no clue what you women are all about.
Doesn't mean I don't appreciate you though.
Hur hur.

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