Friday, 16 January 2009

Once Again, Only At Cape Number Seven

Cape No. 7
Not a Review.
Thoroughly deserves all the praise.
It's damn good.
If you liked Once,
You'll probably like this as well.

Ok, it's not EXACTLY like Once.
Not as lo-fi as that,
But it's about a musician,
Who has to form a band in his little village.
And the music is great.
And it gave me the same feeling I did after I watced Once.

It's in Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese dialect (sounds like Hokkien)
It's got rock music,
Funny supporting characters,
Some touching romance,
A hot Japanese chick,
And a pretty good soundtrack to boot.

I even bought the soundtrack as soon as I came out of the cinema.
Like the time I bought the soundtrack for Once,
As soon as I watched the movie.
The songs here are pretty damn good,
Not like usual Taiwanese pop songs,
Which all sound the same.

Go watch it.
Watch it with a chick.
Watch it for the music,
Watch it for the cute Japanese chick,
Watch it for the endearing supporting cast
And most of all, watch it...
...for that heartbreaking moment at the very end...

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