Monday, 5 January 2009

Eyeris' 10 Blog Resolutions for 2009

  1. Tweak the blog layout and theme (I've got an awesome new logo, WHEE!)
  2. Update the god-awfully outdated sidebar (some of those links have been there for YEARS)
  3. Post more Hopefully-Weekly Book Reviews (and try to make it at least CLOSE to being hopefully-weekly)
  4. Only Toink once this year (oh wait, I only toinked once a year in the first place anyway...)
  5. Try to update at LEAST once every two days (the keyword here being 'TRY')
  6. Have more pointless online conversations with Fireangel (especially) when I don't know what to blog about.
  7. Post Movie Not-Reviews earlier (so I won't get flamed by Shadowfox again).
  8. Get some new Hantu Bola contributers (not related to THIS blog but hey I never said that the resolutions were only for EoE...)
  9. Get invited to more free booze events so I can booze mor.... er... I mean, blog about it! (oi you buggers who keep getting those invites, pass some over also laaaar).
  10. Stop coming up with stupid resolutions for the blog and actually start blogging. (hey, this is a blog post... so that means technically I've fulfilled one resolution already! Damn, I'm good at this resolution business.... hehe)

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