Thursday, 8 January 2009

I Wanna Watch The Watchmen in March.... :-(

Man, this sucks giant blue balls...

Apparently the Watchmen movie that was due to be released in March MAY be postponed indefinitely because the idiots in Warner Bros. conveniently forgot that the rights to the property belongs to Fox, and went ahead making the movie without bothering to check if they COULD do it first.

So now Fox is suing WB to stop them from releasing the movie in March. SUN OF A BEACH......

Watchmen Release Date Decision on Jan. 20

The Los Angeles Times says that lawyers for 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. have agreed to let a federal judge decide whether Warner Bros. will be allowed to release Watchmen on March 6, forgoing a jury trial that could have put the high-profile film's future into even longer limbo.


In a preliminary ruling issued Dec. 24, Feess said Fox, and not Watchmen producer and distributor Warner Bros., owned the right to distribute the film.

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