Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Button Benjamin Of Review-Not Curious The

Maybe it's written, no?
And to finally be together then...
To meet in that one exact spot,
Especially when you go through different paths in life,
It IS all about timing, isn't it?
Falling in love in the middle.
Meeting in the middle.

When everything just... FITS.
Hurtling towards that special point in their lives,
And the delicate, romantic heartbreak of two lovers,
It's the performances, the story...
Or the Oscar nominations.
But the point in this movie is not the SFX.

(The Academy loves Ron Howard that much)
I'm betting Frost/Nixon will win that one.
I doubt they'll win the Best Picture award though.
They might even give the superheroes a fight for the SFX Oscar.
(Yes, I take back what I said in the last post)
They'll probably beat The Dark Knight for the Makeup Oscar
The makeup and special effects were great, of course,

(Or I'd seen more of them, actually)
Makes you wish she'd been in more movies when she was younger,
That dancing scene in the moonlight was brilliant,
But the scene when she's 23, she looks even better.
I mean, she's hot anyway as she is right now,
She's such an awesomely hot MILF.
Sigh... Cate Blanchett...

That's how good he is.
Even though he IS unmistakenedly, Brad Pitt.
You don't really see him as Brad Pitt,
But he's very convincing,
Even though a lot has to do with the makeup.
Brad Pitt deserves his nomination,

So good that you hardly even notice it's almost 3 hours long.
But pretty damn good.
A bit long, perhaps,
It's really really quite good.
Yes, you have to read this backward.
Not a review.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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