Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Complete List Of Eyeris' Movie Not-Reviews

As I was about to write a Not-Review for Red Cliff this morning (Red Cliff ONE, not TWO... I haven't watched the second one yet, and only watch ONE last night on DVD... sighhh), I noticed that my last two posts were Movie Not-Reviews as well.

So I got curious... how many of these things have I done already, and when it all started (yeah, even I don't remember when I started Not-Reviewing movies...)... so I decided to check and see, and compile them into a list/post that I can put in the sidebar...

Well, apparently, the 'format' started out with the incredibly crappy Ghost Rider back in February 2007 (wow has it been THAT long already), and I only wrote that because I was too lazy to think of a proper post with proper structure and grammar and what not. So I just wrote what I thought, and in point form. And then when I watched the next movie, which was Babel, it was so layered and heavy that I was too lazy to write a proper post again, and just did the same thing all over again.

And thus were Eyeris' Movie Not-Reviews born. As of the last one (Slumdog Millionaire) at the time of writing, the tally stood at 84 not-reviews in total. I'll be adding the newer ones I do after this to this list, so if you are reading this at a later date, do bear in mind that I'll TRY to keep the list updated with the new ones also, so that this list will include ALL the Movie Not-Reviews I've ever done, ok?

BTW, I also credit Fireangel for coming up with the term 'Not A Review', as evidenced by the following comment she left on the Not-Review for 300:

Anywaaaayyyy... here is the list (sorted by date of publication, the newest one first):

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