Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Go Slumdog Millionaire! Score One For The Machas!!!

Slumdog Millionaire.
Not a review.
If you only watch one Bollywood movie all year,
Watch this one.
Wait, whadaya mean this ain't a Bollywood movie?
What about all those Indians?
And Amitabh Bachchan? And Mumbai?
And THAT ending at the credits?
What, Danny Boyle? Oh...

This ain't the typical Oscar movie.
It's got none of that political clout of Frost/Nixon or Milk,
And is not as sprawling as Benjamin Button
And it ain't no Holocaust movie like The Reader.
I still hope it wins though.
It bloody deserves it for how different it is from those other nominees.

It's got a lot of heart.
It's light, It's funny, it's endearing,
It's poignant, and it's warm, its heartbreaking.
Your heart goes out to those kids,
Just watching them SURVIVING is inspirational.
And also, that lovesick puppy that is Jamal.

Constantly downtrodden even when he's on the show,
Given no respect, just because of who he is.
And yet... he doesn't give up. NOT. ONE. BIT.
He keeps on searching and searching,
You want to root for him,
But at the same time you want to smack him silly for being so lovesick.

Oooh, and that Latika.
She's prettyyyyyyy.
No cleavage rating though...
(which is another reason this is no Bollywood movie)
She's not super-hot like Aishwarya or Priyanka,

Go watch this.
I think I might do so again.
It goes up on 12 February,
on GSC's International screens.
And root for it at the Oscars!
Maybe it IS written, no?

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