Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Rappy Granny's Grammys

These were some of the nominees for the Album of The Year at Monday night's Grammy Awards:

IN RAINBOWS (Radiohead) - The best Radiohead album since OK Computer.
THA CARTER III (Lil' Wayne) - acknowledged as probably THE best rap album of 2008

And who wins it? An album of cover songs sung by a chick and one quarter of Led Zeppelin. SIGGHHHHH. Oh well, at least Ne-yo's album didn't win it, and Coldplay didn't either.

Heck, if Coldplay had won it, it would have been an even BIGGER insult to Radiohead... I mean, seriously, Viva La Vida or Death And All his Friends over In Rainbows? Chris Martin + Jay-Fucking-Z over Thom Yorke and an entire marching band? PUHLEEEZZZEEEEE.

I AM happy that Adele won best new artiste though. Heck, I was rooting for Duffy, but Adele is just as good. As long as the Jonas Brothers didn't win. Phew. And at least In Rainbows won best alternative album (I wnder why it was House of Cards that was nominated for Grammys, and not Nude, or Reckoner, or Jigsaw Falling Into Place... Was it the only single from the album released in 2008?).

This is also probably the Grammys that had the WORSE PRESENTERS EVAR. I mean, did you catch The Rock's segment? Was he trying to be FUNNY? Because he sure fell flat with every single joke he tried.

And what the fuck is up with letting Stevie Wonder perform as people were leaving the hall? He's Stevie freaking WONDER, for gods sake, give him more respect, people! Just because he can't see people leaving in the middle of his performance doesn't mean you let him sing his heart out while people are leaving and mingling... like some lounge singer that no one listens to! (That Jonas Brothers + Stevie Wonder performance was quite atrocious as well...)

Speaking of performances, why are there so many OLD people performing? Is this the Grammys or the Grannys? And why so many annoying rappers? This ain't the Rappys, yo. why is Justin Timberlake performing TWICE in the show? Was it because of Rihanna's no show? That new U2 song was pretty ok though, and Paul McCartney singing I Saw Her Standing There with Dave Ghrol on drums was briliant too.

I wonder what would have happened if M.I.A. suddenly went into labour in the middle of the song. It would have been WAAAAY more entertaining than that mess of a 'song' that those rappers were trying to put out. And speaking of rappers, how could ANYONE think that Jay-Z rap bit in the middle of Coldplay's Lost is good? It's so fucking JARRING to hear rap in the middle of the song. Yo Chris, just stick to your ballads and leave the hip-hop alone, will ya?

Best performances? Radiohead, of course, with aforementioned marching band; and Jennifer Hudson - song was so-so, but the emotion overfloweth.

Oh, and WOW! Blink 182 are back together again! And they picked the GRAMMYS to announce this EARTH SHATTERING NEWS! How did we ever live without their adolescent juvenile music?

Oh well. The Grammys have always been a pretty dumb awards show anyway, giving a shitload of awards to one or two 'credible' artistes while ignoring the REAL GOOD stuff. Bah. Now bring on the Oscars...

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