Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Romance Of The Two Movies On a Crimson Cliff

Red Cliff.
One AND Two.
Not a Review.
It's EoE's first ever two in one Movie not-review!
Ok, so it's the same movie,
In the West, that is.
They only get 2 and a half hours.
I hereby rename you John WOOT!

Ok, one by one, ok?
Red Cliff 1 first.
It was ok... not GREAT AWESOME GREAT.
But still pretty damn good.
I especially like how Tony Leung was introduced
And all those generals under Liu Bei kicking ass.
Takeshi was not bad also.
All about the prelude to the battle,
And discuss discuss, convince convince,
Develop the characters and establish the second movie.

Lin Chi Ling is hot, yes
But she's no actress leh
Sad ke, brave ke, loving ke..
Zhao Wei is hotter.
And cuter too (in real life, heh heh)
Too bad she's a tomboy here,
But she still showed more cleavage than Lin Chi Ling. Heh.

The second movie was much much better.
The first one was slower,
This one got more fighting,
And got the strategising, and planning,
Best part is Zhuge Liang and Zhao Yu's tricks,
And then the final battle.
Damn best.

Well, it was great up till the superhuman...
...Saving the other human from falling down a building.
Damn kua chiong, that. heh.
But everything else was pretty good.
Made me want to go read the actual stories.
And find out about all the famous characters.
Zhang fei, Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang etc.

Watching the movie reminded me of that awesome video game last time
You know, the third person fighting game,
Based on the Romance of Three Kingdoms characters,
That was always around the video arcades,
(Before they shut them all down BOOO)
Got Zhang Fei, Kuan Yi, and....
Er... can't remember anymore
I have got to find that damn game again.
It was le awesome.

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