Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Sun Bursts Over Nerds in Kornfields

Ok folks, here's the latest on the Sunblah Festival which was SUPPOSED to have Snowpatrolkaisershiefskingsofleonetcetcetc but ended up with only N.E.R.D. after putting all their eggs in one Coldplay baldi.

Apparently, now we're gonna have some jagung along with some badu and one quarter of Morcheeba for the ride as well. Yes, KORN, ERYKAH BADU and Skye will be in Sunburst (oh, and some group called Naturally 7. Huh?).

At least NOW it's looking like a decent lineup, even if its nowhere NEAR what the damn organisers were hyping up in the first place. Note to you people: Next time, get three or four decent, middle range bands, and don't put ALL your eggs in one basket to try and get just ONE MEGA-ACT.

And in case you were asking, no I'm not gonna go for Coldplay in Singapore. And I' too broke to go for Mosaic this year, even though I REALLY REALLY wanna watch Of Montreal live. Already seen them live, why wanna see them again? Besides, Chris Martin would probably mangle up my favorite song on the new album again anyway, so why bother?

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