Friday, 27 March 2009

Be Gentle, I'm a Twitter Noob

If some of you have noticed, I have this new segment on my sidebar called Eye Tweet, which basically does what it says. Yes, in line with my policy of only getting into things a year after everyone else, I finally got myself a Twitter account. Unfortunately, 'eyeris' and 'eyeriz' were already taken, so I had to settle with not one, not two, but THREE 'zzz's at the back of the 'eyeri'.

Yes, that means my Twitter account is @eyerizzz. Makes me sound sleepier than I usually am. Go add it already.

I'm still getting the hang of it though, and though I can see the appeal, I'm not sure I can see the usefulness yet. I mean, do you really NEED to know what I'm doing all the time? Haha. No, don't answer that. You might hurt my feelings. For all I know, I might be annoying quite a few of my followers with MY Tweets as well, since I've been following certain people for a couple of days and have already been annoyed by the sheer quantity of mundane Tweets they can sometimes come up with. Time to start filtering them out.... heh heh.

Being a noob at it, I'm still stuck in FB-verse where all my 'status updates' are still grammatically correct sentences stating with 'Eyeris is...'. (I've been updating it via, which updates my Facebook AND my Twitter at the same time. Used to do it through Plurk, but changed after being called a noob by Suanie. :-( ).

But I digress. I now only have 24 followers. I need more. Or else how to compete with @neilhimself, who is closing in on 100000 followers and even has a Twitter competition up to celebrate it!

Now excuse me while I go figure out what the heck that '#' sign is for....

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