Friday, 20 March 2009

Complicated Sonic Battles Madness

I went.

I saw.

I was dumbstruck.

I was fascinated by how different each of the four band members were.

The one with the frizzy hair who played keyboards/guitar/laptop/Chipmunkvoice, looked like Matt Stone, and had some weird jerky shakey nerdy movements when he played his instruments.

The one with the bubblegum who was like this huge frat boy slacker ambling around fiddling with stuff, drinking beer and playing the guitar and keyboard at the same time.

The one sitting between the drums with his cymbals perched REALLY FUCKING HIGH and didn't seem to stop drumming even when the other four were doing nothing but stare at him drumming.

The quiet one out back who didn't seem like he had any emotions and just played quietly all night while fiddling with that huge fucking mass of sound equipment at the back.

All so different, all seemingly operating independently of one another, but when the strange sounds they all made came together, it was this AMAZING wall of sound that somehow gelled together and somehow became a freaking awesome song.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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