Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Duffy The Vampish Singer

THAT voice.
It was absolutely fabulous.
Ok, it may be a bit nasal (ok, VERY nasal in some parts),
But when all you can do is listen to her voice,
Whether it was being raised to the skies,
Or lowered to to almost a hush,
You just could not ignore it.
I even forgot there was a band playing behind her at times.
She looks like Dolly Parton in real life (without the boobs, of course)
And that little schoolgirl miniskirt was oh so adorable.
She may have been a bit kayu on stage at times,
But when you have a voice like that,
Who needs to dance, eh?
And for a 'New Amy',
She dances and struts a whole lot better than the real Amy...

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