Monday, 30 March 2009

Give Me Absolute and Give Me Death!

No, this is not a post about vodka. It's about BOOKS. Yes, BOOKS. HAs it REALLY been that long since I posted about books, until you've forgotten this is (originally) meant to be a book blog? Siggghhh..

Anyway, I have so far managed to resist buying the Absolute Sandman books, even though they are unbelievably and absolutely gorgeous and I would LOVE to have the. But I didn't get them, because not only are they fucking expensive, I also already have the entire set of Sandman graphic novels. And one of them is even signed by Gaiman himself.

But when I read THIS on @neilhimself...
Todd Klein is making sure that the Absolute Death this november will indeed be absolute: LINK....
...I knew I was a goner.

You see, I may have read both The High Cost Of Living and Time Of Your Life, but I don't OWN either TP. Oh, I DO have the single issues of High Cost Of Living, but I'm keeping them nicely wrapped up and sealed, so no reading that, nuh uh.

So, an Absolute Death volume with BOTH Death stories in them would be freaking PERFECT for me. WOOHOO!

Checking out Todd Klein's website, it seems he's re-lettering the entire High Cost Of Living story for the Absolute edition, and it's looking fiiiine so far. Go check it out at THIS LINK!

Here's a sample of a reinked panel...

Woohoo! Give me Absolute and Give me DEATTTH!!!!

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