Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I Saw The Sawmen. I Looked The Lookmen. I Watched The Watchmen.

Not a Review.
Yes, I watched it!
And I didn't even look at my watch!
So watch out for it!
Because it's worth watching!
Ok, enough using the word 'watch'.
(Hey, can I say I saw the Sawmen instead?)

Let's get the nitpicking out of the way first.
Ozymandias doesn't look WISE enough to be the smartest man in the world
35? Wasn't it supposed to be 25?
Eh, that line wasn't in the book...
Oi, where'd Holly Mason disappear to?
And where's the GIANT SQUID!!!!!

Ok, now that we've got THAT out of the way...
Watchmen is... well, Watchmen.
There really isn't any other way to describe it.
It's like the entire graphic novel,
Is being played out right in front of your eyes.
Every line, almost every panel, every flashback,
All there.

Ok, they took out A LOT of it.
Changed the costumes, and the ending...
But the main story and story structure is all the same.
Even follows the chronology of the entire graphic novel,
Down to when the flashbacks occur,
When the lines are said,
Even all the way down to every 'Hrmm' that Rorschach mutters.

Oh yeah, Rorschach = Awesome!
The Comedian = Brilliant!
Nite Owl = Pudgy!
Silk Spectre = Cleavage Rating 8.5!
Dr. Manhattan = Blurry blue bits!
Ozymandias = erm... too young, not wise enough.

Music's awesome though.
Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix...
Never heard Simon & Garfunkel in a movie before.
Except The Graduate, of course.
And that last song was by My Chemical Romance, BTW.
Originally by Bob Dylan.
Just so you know. Heh.

Anyway, if you DIDN'T read the comic,
You might be a bit bored.
Because it IS very talky, and slightly complicated.
It's also rather slow in parts, and very long,
(2 hours 45 minutes long, in case you were wondering)
I suspet the average Malaysian moviegoer wouldn't like it.
Hey, if you want lots of action and lots of explosions,
This is the wrong movie for you.
This is a movie full of IDEAS.
So go watch it... and use your brain for once can or not?

If you liked the Watchmen graphic novel,
Then you'll like this as well.
LIKE it, not LOVE it, mind you.
It's hard NOT to like it though, if you're a fan already.
Especially if you've read AND loved the book.
Unless of course, you're an anal-retentive film snob,
With too superior a mind to settle for mere 'pop culture'
Go grovel before Alan Moore and kiss his hairy feet lah you.

As for the rest of you....
Go read the fucking book already, ok?

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