Thursday, 12 March 2009

Love Matters Not If You Are Neither Here Nor There

Love Matters
Not a Review.
Not very good either.
Even by Jack Neo standards.
At least I No Stupid and Money No Enough were FUNNY.
This one tried TOO hard to be funny,
And tried too hard to be serious at the same time.
And ended up being neither here nor there.

The old guy reminds me of Ricky Hui though.
That trademark hangdog and very cham expression.
Though his whining really got on my nerves.
His wife reminds me of Sylvia Chang.
Kinda like that Aces Go Places Cop Wife character.
Chai Poh!!!

The younger girls quite cute though.
Especially that Jennifer chick.
No cleavage rating though.
Eh she plays a schoolgirl lar.
Wear the blue pinafore and all samore.
Ahhh those were the days...

The two Malaysian DJs not bad either.
The guy did quite well I thought.
Looked a bit hamsap samore. Hahahaha.
Though we got to see a BIT too much of his bare flesh.
The girl... was ok as well.
Though she didn't need to do as much as the guy.
And didn't show enough flesh. Hur hur.

Ok lah, for half-Malaysian production.
Just the story all over the place wan.
Donno whether they wanna make it a drama or comedy.
The gigolo with all his madam madam was damn funny though.
And got some good funny lines also.
But most of the time it wasn't THAT funny lor.
And the drama drama was a bit annoying lor.
Like, get on with it already.
And for a movie about sex, sex and sex,
We don't get to see much sex also.

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