Saturday, 28 March 2009

Project Reverse Earth Hour (a.k.a. Eyeris Syiok Sendiri)

I'm currently sitting here in the dark, typing this post by vanilla-scented candlelight. Why? Because I'm embarking on one of the stupidest missions this blog has ever conceived - to do a REVERSE Earth Hour by going from midnight to midnight without turning on the lights... except during Earth Hour.

You see, while everyone is all hyped up about turning OFF their lights at 8:30pm-9:30pm, I'M planning to go the entire day WITHOUT lights, and THEN turn them ALL ON at 8:30-9:30pm, just to spite you all... MUAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, so it's a rather silly idea, but I must say, not having the lights on in my apartment is pretty cool. I still have my laptop and my fans on though... hey, Earth Hour is about turning off your LIGHTS only right? Heh.

I figure I can go through the day without turning a single light on (I tried it today, after opening all the windows and curtains, I had enough sunlight coming in that I didn't need to turn on a single light). The night is gonna be trickier though... so I decided to buy a whole bunch of tealights from IKEA, and light up the house using that. So far so good, I haven't walked into any walls yet...

Keep a look out for the Tweet feed on my sidebar for updates on how Project Reverse Earth Hour is going tomorrow! Until the next update, Goodnight!

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