Thursday, 5 March 2009

Rachael Visits a Cold Oasis of Battling Chiefs

I've complained about Singapore getting all the good concerts so many times here that it's not even funny anymore. So here's all the concerts they'll be getting in THESE TWO MONTHS, which is more than WE get in one fucking YEAR.

Coldplay - 23 March (seen them live already so I'm not bitter about NOT paying SGD180 for mosh pit tickets. I AM upset that Mercury Rev is playing a ONE HOUR opening set though. GRRRRR)

Oasis - 5 April (seen them live already so I'm not bitter about not seeing Liam Gallagher try to sing and giving up halfway to go grab a pint)

Kaiser Chiefs - 7 April (Not THAT big a fan so I'm not bitter about not seing them)

Rachael Yamagata - April 15 (Ok, fuck this shit. I missed the last time she came here, so I'm going for THIS one.)

And that's just the full concerts. I haven't even factored in Of Montreal, Psapp, Cinematic Orchestra, and Battles in Mosaic yet. Bah.

Oh wait, Battles will be in KL too. Awesome. And we got Mogwai too. And there's Sunburst too (ok, no snowpatrolkaiserchiefskingsofleon but we have jagung and badu). Oklah, I don't feel so bitter anymore. No wait, I still am. Bitter I mean.

I'm not bitter about not being able to see these shows. No really, I'm not. It's just that if they were playing in Malaysia, I'd have a higher chance of seeing them live... for FREE. MUAHAHAHAA. Oh well, I'll stick to just free movies for now then....

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