Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Sound Of Construction (by The Bangladeshi Happy Happy Hold Hands Construction Site Band)

The Sound Of Construction

Music by: Simon & Garfunkel (sung to the tune of The Sound of Silence)
Lyrics by: Eyeris
Performed by: The Bangladeshi Happy Happy Hold Hands Construction Site Band
(band name coined by Twilight Action Girl's DJ Ribut!)

Hello brightness, my old friend
I've woken up to you again
'Cause while I was happily sleeping,
Outside my home there grew a mighty din.
And the tension, that was planted in my brain
Still remains.
Thanks to the sound... of construction.

And restlessly I woke alone
Used my pillow like a headphone.
'Neath the pillow I hear a Chinaman,
Shouting out to his Indon workmen.
Then my ears were stabbed by the crash of a wooden plank
That hit the deck...
Thus are the sounds... of construction.

And in the morning light I saw
About fifty people, maybe more
People climbing up the scaffolding,
People walking about hammering.
People making sounds so noisy, you cannot bear.
But no one cared.
'Cause that's the sound... of construction.

"Fuck," said I, "I do not know.
How much longer this will go.
Hear the sounds that will annoy you,
Hear the noise that will irritate you"
But I prayed, that monsoon rain will fall...
And drown out.... the sounds... of construction.

And the people worked all day
On the apartment they'll make.
And the hammers kept on hammering...
On the walls that it was forming.
And the sign said, "Another proud project of the UOA group is being built,
And it's 20 floors..."
So I suffered... in the sounds... of construction....

Acquisitions: Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (acoustic version)

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